Marijuana Stock pick list

This list is stocks that is see good for long term investment if you day trade money could be made too but in  my opinion holding long term will see much higher gains.  The marijuana stock pick list  is for looking to invest pot stocks and should Alway do your own due diligent. You push the buy button know what your buying into do research.  

The Stocks list if for information proposes and should not be the sole reason to invest. Most of the penny stocks listed here I my own shares in the  marijuana stock listed  over a dollars while I may not own share in not because the stock are not being good but because of price and how few shares I can buy with my $1500 limit per company.  Like #GWPH going to do great long term but at over a $100 per share that like 13 shares and even if it goes up 100% it will takes years for it to double IMO , and that would only be $1500 profits. for the time involved just not enough profits with still a good amount of risk. With the penny stock you can see gains of 200% IN A DAY and a 1000% in a week and the amount of shares you can get with $1500 when buying a stock like #GYOG currently @ .0008 is 1,875,000 it this stock takes off to just a penny .01 that would be $18,750 if it hit a .10 just a dime would be $187,500 and long term 10 years it it grow to the level as #GWPH $100 your $1500 investment  would turn into $187,500,000 million. to make that kind of money buying into a stock already at $100 that stock would have to go to 12,500,00 to get the same return. What will marijuana stock due when the laws change IMO they will do very well. with some easily  having gains of 10,000% + IMO.


7/30/2017 is the date that  currently @ prices were listed and likely have changed since this list was posted  

‘When a company website is found you can click on the ticker symbol to link to there website where not website is found you will link to Yahoo finance.

GYOG   currently @   .0008

MCIG    currently @   .27

CBIS     currently @   .04

GWPH  currently @   117.21

VPOR   currently @   .0027

VAPE    currently @   .0038

KGET    currently @   .0002

MJMJ   currently @    .0001

DRNK  currently @    .0001

PMBS  currently @    .0002

RCHA  currently @    .0011

TAUG   currently @  .0010

TBEV  currently @    .0001

USMJ  currently @    .0004

VDRM currently @    .0156

HEMP currently @    .0167

MCOA currently @    .0350

NEWC currently @    .0044

MJTK Currently @  .0018



Marijuana stock pick list

Marijuana stock pick list

If you find that a marijuana stock that your interested in is not listed here just leave a comment asking for us to add it here thanks for being here.

More coming soon check back daily for update most update will be by midnight so check first thing in the mornings  before markets open Good Luck To All….

The safest way to invest is to diversify  don’t put all your money into one stock and don’t just jump in on a spike buy in on the low with limit buy order never buy Market only Limit (Very important) More to come one that soon.

Never put all your eggs in one basket……….. 

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