Sub-Penny Stock Investing versus Penny Stock Investing % Return

Sub-Penny Stock Investing versus Penny Stock Investing % Return

Sub-Penny Stock Investing versus Penny Stock Investing % Return

Sub-Penny Stock Investing versus Penny Stock Investing % Return

Lets do the math

To buy One Million shares (1,000,000)

Cost to buy

@  .0001 = $100.00

@  .001   = $1000.00

@  .o1     = $10,000.00

@  .10     = $100.000.00

@ $1.00 = $1,000,000.00

What you get when you the sell the one million shares at $2 a shares your profits only listed below so less the cost to buy it

@.0001   = 1,999,900.00  less your $100

@.001     = 1,999,000.00 less your $10,00

@.01       = 1,990,000.00 less your $100,000

@.10       = 1,900,000.00 less your $100,000

@$1.00  =1.000,000.00  less your $1,000,000


If you only invest ONLY $100 dollars this is how many shares you can buy

@.0001  = 1,000,000 SHARES

@.001    = 100,000 SHARES

@.01       =10,000 SHARES

@.10       =1000

@$1.00  =100

What you get when you the sell  at $2.00 a share for your $100 investment 

The .0001 buy will give you =$2,000,000                     at $20.00 = $20,000,000

The .001 buy will give you =  $200,000                          at $20.00= $2,000,000

The .01 buy will give you  =    $20,000                             at $20.00= $200,000

The .10 buy will give you   =    $2000                                at $20.00= $20,000

The $1.00 buy will give you = $200                                   at $20.00 =$2,000

This is because every time you drop one decimal down it  has to go 9 ticks to get to get back up to the next decimal all the way to one dollar then every time it moves from one dollar to the next dollar you double whatever you had when it hit a dollar if this stock went to say $20.00 dollars see the way sub-penny compounds on it’s way up to dollar. This is why sub-penny stock have such big % swings. And how a sub-penny pot stock can change your life if you hold the right one…..

Playing with Penny and Sub-Penny stock have a high risk for loses to help minimize loss only buy these stock with money you can afford to lose. This will not prevent loss just prevent loss from hurting you financially.   

This is for INFORMATION  ONLY  and is in no way any kind of stock investment advice do your research and ” due diligence ” before investing your money..!!!!!

Sub Penny Stock How Not to lose your money

Sub Penny Stock How Not to lose your money

Sub Penny Stock How Not to lose your money

Best Facebook stock group

global Penny Pot Stock investor grou

global Penny Pot Stock investor grou


Were going in dept into .0001 stocks  how to play them and how not to get played…..

Sub Penny Stock How Not to lose your money

Sub Penny Stock How Not to lose your money

Ok  I’m using #KGET as a example I own this stock and bought in at .0001 you can see the chart it goes mostly between .0001 and .0002 and back to .0001 everyday all day long thing is you can buy at .0001 if you wait or .0002 anytime or .0003 but when it’s time to sell you will most likely only be able to sell at .0001 because most of the people selling there stock bought at .0001 bigger players buy 10 of millions at .0001 and turn around and sell at .0002, It may take weeks to sell off all of it. And if you buy to do the same thing the way it work when you buy a stock or selll a stock is you want in line just like the supermarket, and if the guy in front of you has 500 shopping carts full of stuff it going to be like forever same with the stock market there banking on you not knowing this and buying at .0002 and .0003 thinking it going to a dollar now with that said I own this stock why?

RIVERSIDE, CA–(Marketwired – Jun 5, 2017) – CaliPharms, Inc. (OTC PINK: KGET), a Company operating in the California Medicinal Cannabis industry, publicly trading under the OTC Markets symbol “KGET” presses forward establishing itself as a leader in California cannabis cultivation.

CaliPharms and Pacific Cannabis Growers, Inc. was issued on May 15, 2017 a 10,000 SQ-FT Mixed-light grow permit by the County of Humboldt. This was the 21st commercial cannabis permit awarded by the county of Humboldt out of nearly 2,400 applicants.

The permitted property has been prepped and the plants are on the ground on the property.

President of CaliPharms, Inc., Bo Linton, stated, “This permit being issued to our subsidiary is a very important milestone for CaliPharms. This permit is a clear indication that our company and its management is a frontrunner in the cannabis industry. Why were we issued the permit ahead of all the other applicants? The answer is simple, because we are doing everything properly and efficiently. I expect the same results from our crop yields when that time comes. For now, we will continue to add to our team and focus on doing everything efficiently within the State of California and under the state’s laws.” copied from

In my option this stock is not going to stay a .0001 stock for long but for now if you spend just $100 dollars you get one million shares at .0001 or a half million at .0002 for a $100 dollars or 333,333 shares at .0003  So if you buy at .0003 and spend $100 and the price goes back to .0001 now your stocks is worth about $33 dollars and if you got it at .0002 your stock is worth $50 dollars and I bought at .0001 mine is worth $100 dollars.     Now in reverse when the stock goes up to .0002 my stock is worth $200 dollars and at .0003 $300 dollars where as if you bought at .0002 at ,0002 your stock is worth $100 dollars  same if you bought at .0003 when it get back to .0003 you stock is worth $100 dollars here where it get tricky until this stock goes to .0004 and .0005 and .0006 and a penny you are not going to sale your stock for what you paid for it unless you only paid .0001 you might get lucky if you place a limit sell order and wait 6 to 8 weeks until the line in front of you thins out and someone that does not know comes along and buy it way to high. Once it starts really climbing and the word get out and everybody starts buying it then you can sell for a lot more and make your profit but with a stock like this YOU MUST BUY knowing you are going to have to wait till things start happening to make the stock move. Now the good put IF IF IF the stock become Cali’s leading grower and has a special strain nobody else has and there stock climbs to say $10 in three years I sell my shares remember I had 1 million at .0001 so i have 10 million Dollars. Who ever bought at .0002 only had 500,000 shares and they have 5 million and the one that got it at.0003 only has 333,333 shares so they got 3 million and some change, Now taking this just one step more let’s say it take off and you decided to jump in and spend $100 dollars but it was already at a penny .01 when you get in so you get 10,000 share and at $10 you sell you get $100,000    See the difference in when you get in early just think if you spent $1000 dollars instead. turns 10 million into 100 million. With all that being said if you have $1000 dollars don’t put it in on stock like this put it in 10 stocks like this   that way when the laws change and these companies GROW lol you will better your odds of hold a winner.

WITH penny stock this method works with .0001 .0002 .0003 ,,,   .001 .002 .003 ,,   .01. .02 .03 ,,,  if it bounces between .01 and .03 you best buy at the .01 mark set a limit order and wait BE PATIENCE.!!!!!

Sub Penny Stock How Not to lose your money